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Psychotropic Drug Guidelines

(Aust. College of Psychotherapists)

Diploma of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

(Centre for Mental Health)

Help for Depression

(CMP Medica Aust. P/L)

MIMS Annual (Medicines info)

(Drive Time Radio)

Medical Series

(Dual Action Exelon)

Resource for Patients with Alzheimers



(Janssen Cilag)

General Psychiatry as Referendum

(Learning Performance)

Last Years of School


Medinews for Psychiatrists

(Mental Health Resource)

Directory of Services for Mental Illness

(New Titles)

Written Word - Resources for Helpers

(Sane Guides)

Carers Handbook

(Sane Guides)

Mental Illness Guide Book

(Sane Guides)

Sane Guide to Treatments

Abrams, Jeremiah

Reclaiming the Inner Child

Adler, Gerhard

In the Wake of Jung

Allport, Gordon W.

Pattern and Growth in Personality+B64

Anderson, Margaret

The Unknowable Gurdjieff

Andrews, G.

Specialization in Psychiatry

Anthony, Maggy

Valkyries - The Women Around Jung

Anthony, Maggy

Jung's Circle of Women

Appignese, Richard

Freud for Beginners

Arcarti, Kristyna

Numerology for Beginners

Arieti, Silvano

Understanding and Helping the Schizophrenic

Arroyo M.A., Stephen

Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements

Austin, Sue

Women's Aggressive Fantasies

Axline, Virginia

Dibs: In Search of Self

Bachofen, J.J

Myth, Religion & Mother Right

Badcock, C.R.

Madness & Modernity

Badcock, C.R.

Psychoanalysis of Culture

Bakhtiar, Laleh

Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest

Barasch, Marc Ian

Healing Path

Baudelaire, Charles

Flowers of Evil

Bauer, Jan

Impossible Love

Begg, Ean

Myth and Today's Consciousness

Belenky, Mary Field et al

Women's Ways of Knowing - The Development of Self, Voice and Mind

(A) Benedictine of Stanbrook

Mediaeval Mystical tradition & St. John of the Cross

Berger, John

Ways of Seeing

Berg, Charles

Deep Analysis - The Clinical Study of an Individual Case

Bergland, Richard

Fabric of Mind

Berman, Morris

Reenchantment of the World

Bernard, Michael E.

Staying Rational - Albert Ellis & R.E.T.

Berne, Eric M.D.

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy

Bettelheim, Bruno

Freud and Man's Soul

Birkhauser-Oeri, Sibylle

The Mother - Archetypal Image in fairy Tales

Bloom, Howard

Lucifer Principle

Bly, Robert

Iron John - Men and Masculinity

Boix, Sally et al

Psychotherapy with Families - An Analytic Approach

Bolen, Jean Shinoda, M.D.

Gods in Everyman - A New psychology of Men's Lives and Loves

Bosnak, Robert

Dreaming with an Aids Patient

Boston, Mary & Szur, Rolene

Psychotherapy with Severly Deprived Children

Bower, Tom

Perceptual World of the Child

Bowie, Malcolm

Psychoanalysis and the Future of Theory

Brash, R.

How did it Begin? - Customs and Superstitions and their Romantic Origins

Brewi, Janice & Brennan, Anne

Mid-Life Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives

Bridgeman, P.W.

A Sophisticate's Primer of Relativity

Britton, Ronald & Feldman, Michael & O'Shaughnessy, Edna

The Oedipus Complex Today - Clinical Implications

Brome, Vincent

Jung - Man and Myth

Bruch, Hilde

Eating Disorders and the Person Within

Burckhardt, Titus


Burr, Wesley & Hill, Reuben

Contemporary Theories abut the Family Vol II

Burt, Vivien & Hendrick, Victoria

Women's Mental Health

Butter, Charles

Neuropsychology: Brain & Behaviour

Calasso, Roberto

Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony

Cambridge, Ada

Unspoken Thoughts

Campbell, Joseph

Hero with a Thousand Faces

Campbell, Joseph

Myths to Live By - How we re-create ancient legends in our daily lives to release human potential

Campbell, Joseph

Portable Jung

Capra, Fritjof

The Tao of Physics

Carlson, Neil R., Muskist, W. & Martin, N.

Psychology, the Science of Behaviour - European Adaptation

Carlson, Neil R.

Psychology, the Science of Behaviour - Third Edition

Carotenuto, Aldo

Eros and Pathos - Shades of Love and Suffering

Carotenuto, Aldo

Secret Symmetry - Sabina Spielrein between Jung and Freud

Carotenuto, Aldo

The Spiral Way - A woman's healing journey

Charlesworth, Max

Religious Inventions

Chevalier, Jean & Gheerbrant, Alain

Dictionary of Symbols

Christopher, Elphis & Solomon, Hester

Jungian Thought in the Modern World

Churton, Tobias

The Gnostics

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

The nature of Gods and on Divination

Coate, Randoll et al

A Celebration of Mazes

Conger, John P.

Body in recovery - Somatic Psychotherapy and the Self

Coon, Dennis

Introduction to Psychology, Gateways to Mind and Behaviour

Corriere, Richard et al

Dreaming and Waking - Functional approach to dreams

Cousins, Norman

Head First

Crisp, Tony

New Dream Dictionary

Dallett, Janet O.

Not-Yet-Transformed God

Damasio, Antonio

Feeling of What Happens - Body, Emotion and the making of Consciousness

Daniels, Michael

Self-Discovery the Jungian Way

Dasnoy, Albert

Gods & Men

David, Julian et al.

Jung and the Seven Stars - Four Winter Lectures

Dawkins, Richard

The God Delusion

de Bono, Edward


Dee, Nerys

Your dreams & What They Mean

Dennett, Daniel C.

Kinds of Minds - Towards an Understanding of Consciousness

Dennis, CJ

Songs of the Sentimental Bloke

Devereux, George

Reality and Dream

Dominian, J

Marital Breakdown

Douglas, Tom (Ed)

Group Living

Dourley, John

Love, Celibacy & Inner Marriage

Dourley, John

Illness That We Are - A Jungian Critique of Christianity

Downing, Christine

Goddess - Mythological Images of the Feminine

Dunlop, Charles E.

Philosophical Essays on Dreaming

Dunne, Carrin

Behold Woman - A Jungian Approach to Feminist Theology

Eales, Conne

Raising Your Talented Child

Edinger, Edward F.

The creation of Consciousness - Jung's Myth for Modern Man

Edinger, Edward F.

Ego and Archetype

Edinger, Edward F.

The Living Psyche - A Jungian Analysis in Pictures

Ehrenberg, Otto and Mitiam

Psychotherapy Maze - A Consumer's Guide

Ehrenberg, Victor

From Solon to Socrates

Eissler, Ruth S. et al

Psychoanalytic Study of the Child

Eliade, Mircea

Myths, Dreams and Mysteries

Eliade, Mircea


Eliade, Mircea

Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries

Ellenberger, Henri

Discovery of the Unconscious

Ellis, Pete

Shared Care

Eminence, Grey

Aldus Huxley

Epstein, Mark

Thoughts Without a Thinker

Erickson, Milton H. et al

Hypnotic Realities

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola

Women Who Run with the Wolves

Evans, Richard L.

Jung on Elementary Psychology

Evans-Wentz, W.Y.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Evans-Wentz, W.Y.

The Tibetan Book of Great Liberation, or the Method of realising Nirvana through Knowing the Mind

Evslin, Bernard

Gods, Demigods & Demons

Ewing, A.C.

The Fundamental Questions of Philosophy

Faraday, Ann

Dream Game

Feinberg, Todd E. M.D.

Altered Egos - How the Brain Creates the Self

Feinstein, David & Krippner, Stanley

Personal Mythology

Fletcher, Mal

Youth, the Endangered Species

Fordham, Frieda

Introduction to Jung Psychology

Fordham, Frieda

Introduction to Jung's Psychology

Formaini, Heather (Ed)

Landmarks - Papers by Jungian Analysts from Australia and New Zealand

Fortune, Dion

Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage

Frankel, Valerie & Tien, Ellen

Heartbrake Handbook

Franz, Marie-Louise

C.G. Jung - His Myth In Our Time

Freud, Anna

Psychoanalytical Treatment of Children

Freud, Sigmund

New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

Freud, Sigmund

Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Freud, Sigmund

Interpretation of Dreams

Freud, Sigmund

Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood

Frey-Rohn, Liliane

From Freud to Jung - A Comparative Study of the Psychology of the Unconscious

Galanter, Marc

Cults - Faith, Healing and Coercion

Gallegos, Eligio Stephen, PhD

The Personal Totem Pole - Animal Imagery, Chakras and Psychotherapy

Garfield, Patricia Ph.D.

Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams

Gastpar, M & Kilholz, P

Problems of Psychiatry in General Practice

Gazzaniga, Michael S.

The Mind's Past

Gibson, Karen, Lathrop, Donald & Stern, E.Mark (Ed)

Carl Jung and Soul Psychology

Gill, Jean

Images of My Self

Gordon, Richard

Human Frailties

Grant, W. Harold et al.

From Image to Likeness: A Jungian Path in the Gospel Journey

Graves, Robert

Man Does, Woman Is

Gray, Peter


Green, Miranda Jane

Celtic Myths

Green, Roger Lancelyn

Tales of the Greek Heroes

Griffin, David Ray (Ed)

Archetypal Process

Griffith, Jeremy

Beyond the Human Condition

Guerber Haguerber

Myths of Greece and Rome

Hadfield, J.A.

Dreams and Nightmares

Hall, Calvin & Lindzey, G

Theories of Personality

Hall, Calvin S.

Meaning of Dreams

Hall, James A. M.D.

Jungian Dream Interpretation

Hannah, Barbara

Active Imagination - as developed by C.G. Jung

Hannah, Barbara

Jung - His Life and Work

Harding, Esther

Psychic Energy - Its Source and Transformation

Harrison & Field

Anatomical Terms

Harrison, G.B.

Webster and Ford Selected Plays

Haslam, A. & McGarty, C.

Doing Psychology - a Study Guide

Hayes, Steven C., Strosahl, Kirk & Wilson, Kelly

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Henderson, Joseph L.

Shadow and Self - Selected Papers in Analytical Psychology

Hillman, James

Dream and the Underworld

Hillman, James et al

Facing the Gods

Hillman, James

Opening the Dreamway

Hillman, James

Re-Visioning Psychology

Hillman, James

Soul's Code - In Search of Character and Calling

Hillman, James

Force of Character and the Lasting Life

Hillman, James & Ventura, Michael

We've had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy ...

Hodson, Geoffrey

The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology

Hollis, James

Eden Project - In Search of the Magical Other

Hollis, James

The Middle Passage - from Misery to Meaning in Midlife


The Homeric Hymns - the Charles Boer translation

Hogan, Robert

Personality Theory, the Personological Tradition

Hopcke, Robert H.

Guided Tour of the Collected Works of C.G. Jung

Hope, A.D.

Dunciad Minor

Hope, A.D.


Hope, A.D.

Wandering Islands

Hopkiak, Vivian

Meditations of a Flawed Groom

Horney M.D., Karen

Our Inner Conflicts

Houston, Jean

Possible Human - A Course in Enhancing Your Physical, Mental and Creative Abilities

Hubbard, Shelagh

Hobson's Choice (A Guide)

Huessenstamm, Frances K.

Blame it on Freud - A Guide to the Language of Psychology

Huey, Edmund

Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading

Human Rights Commission

Human Rights & Mental Illness

Huxley, Aldous

Perennial Philosophy

Ibster, J.N.

Freud, an Introduction to his Life and Work

Inglis, Brian

Coincidence - A Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?

Innes, Mary M. (Trnsltr)

The Metamorohoses of Ovid

Int. Assoc. Of Analytical Psychology

List of Members

Izutsu, Toshihiko & Wilhelm, Hellmut

Eranos Lectures 7 - On Images - Far Eastern Ways of Thinking

Jackson, Eve

Food and Transformation - Imagery and Symbolism of Eating

Jacobi, Jolande

Way of Individuation

Jacobi, Jolande

C.G. Jung: Psychological Reflections

Jacobi, Jolande

Paracelsvs - Selected Writings

Jacobi, Jolande

Way of Individuation

Jacobi, Jolande

Masks of the Soul

Jacobi, Russell

Social Amnesia - A Critique of Conformist Psychology from Adler to Liang

Jaffe, Aniela

C.G. Jung - Word and Image

Jaffe, Aniela

Myth of Meaning - Jung and the Expansion of Consciousness

James, Muriel & Jongeward, Dorothy

Born to Win - Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments

Janov, Dr Arthur

Feeling Child

Janov, Dr Arthur

Primal Scream

Jenike, Michael & Asberg, Marie

Understaning Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Johnson, Robert

Art of Mythological Thinking - The Psychology of Jung

Johnson, Robert

He - Understanding Masculine Psychology

Johnson, Robert

She - Understanding Feminine Psychology

Jones, Ernest

Life and Work of Sigmund Freud

Jones, James

Contemporary Psychoanalysis & Religion

Jones, Richard M.

New Psychology of Dreaming

Jung Soc of Sydney

Jung. Soc of Sydney

Jung, C.G.

Aspects of the Feminine

Jung, C.G.

Answer to Job

Jung, C.G.


Jung, C.G.

Collected Papers on Analytic Psychology

Jung, C.G.

Development of Personality - Papers on Child Psychology, Education and Related Subjects

Jung, C.G.

Four Architypes (Mother, Rebirth, Spirit and Trickster)

Jung, C.G.

Man and his Symbols

Jung, C.G.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Jung, C.G.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Jung, C.G.

Psychic Energy - Its Source and Transformation

Jung, C.G.

Psychological Types

Jung, C.G. (Ed. Sonu Shamdasani)

Red Book ("Liber Novus")

Sharp, Daryl

The Secret Raven - Conflict and Transformation in the Life of Franz Kafka

Kelsey, Morton T.

Christo - Psychology

Kelsey, Morton T.

Myth, History and Faith - the Remythologizing of Christianity

Kerenyi, Karl

Hermes - Guide of Souls

Kessel, Neil & Walton, Henry


Killaly, Frances

I Nostri Nonni

Kiske, J.

Myths and Myth Makers

Klaus, Marshall & Kennell, John

Maternal/Infant Bonding

Kline, paul

Psychology and Freudian Theory

Klossowski de Rola, Stanislas

Alchemy the Sacred Art

Kramer, Ruth

Dreams - Messages from Myself

Krippner Phd Stanley & Feinstein, D

Personal Mythology

Krisner, Douglas

Schizoid World of Jean-Paul Sartre & R.D. Laing

Krishnamurti, J.

Life Ahead

Kung, Hans & Ching, Julia

Christianity and Chinese Religions

Kushner, Harold S.

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Laing, R.D. & Esterson A

Sanity, Madness and the Family

Laney, Marti Olsen

Introvert Advantage

Langen MD, Dietrich

Speaking of Sleeping Problems

deLaszlo, Violet S. (Ed)

The Basic Writings of C.G. Jung

Lempirere, J

Lempriere's Classical Dictionary

Lerner, Harriet Goldhor

Women in Therapy - Self Sacrifice etc.

Lifton, R.

Nazi Doctors

Lockhart, Russell Arthur

Psyche Speaks - Jungian Approach to Self & World

Looms, Mary E.

Dancing the Wheel of Psychological Types

Luke, Helen

Woman Earth and Spirit

Luria, A.R.

Mind of a Mnemonist

Lyth, Isabel Menzies

Dynamics of the Social - Selected Essays

MacGregor, Geddes

Images of Afterlife

Magee, Bryan


Mahoney, Maria

Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming

Maloney, Geoffrey

Nor of Human

Marcuse, Herbert

Eros and Civilisation - A philosophical inquiry into Freud

Marshall, Jonathan (Ed)

Depth Psychology Disorder & Climate Change

Martin, P.W.

Experiment in Depth

Martin, P.W.

Experiment in Depth

Martin, Paul

Counting Sheep - The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams

Masson, Jeffrey

Against Therapy

Masson, Jeffrey

Assault on Truth - Freud's suppression of the seduction theory

Mathews, Freya

Reinhabiting Reality - Towards a Recovery of Culture

Matthews, John & Green, Marian

Grail Seeker's Companion

Mattoon, Mary Ann

Understanding Dreams

Mattoon, Mary Ann

Jungian Psychology after Jung

May, Rollo

Love and Will

Mcbride, Nigel

Risky Practices - Risk management in Private Practice

McGoldrick, Monica

Genograms in Family Assessment

McGuinness, Michael & Hyde, M.

Introducing Jung

McGuire, William

C.G. Jung Speaking

McGuire, William

Freud / Jung Letters

McGuire, William & Hull, R.F.C.

C.G. Jung Speaking - Interviews and Encounters

McLynn, Frank

Carl Gustav Jung

McMahon, Frank

Asphalt and the Stars

McNamara, Kate


Meier, C.A.

Soul and Body - Essays on the theories of C.G. Jung

Michael, Chester P & Norrisey, MC.

Prayer & Temperament

Michels, Robert

Cost of Schizophrenia

Miller, Alice

Thou Shalt Not Be Aware-Society's Betrayal of Child

Miller, Geoffrey

Mating Mind - How Sexual Choice Shaped the Eevolution of Human Nature

Mitchell, Juliet

Psychoanalysis and Feminism

Mitchell, Ross


Mitchell. A.R.K.

Schizophrenia - What it Means

Modigh, Kjell & Robak, Ole

Anticonvulsants in Psychiatry

Moltmann, Jurgen

The Crucified God

Monick, Eugene

Phallos - Sacred Image of the Masculine

Montgomerie, Prof. Stuart

Targetting Drpression

Morris, Jill

Dream Workbook

Nahem, Joseph

Psychology & Psychiatry Today

Neumann, Erich

Art and the Creative Unconscious

Neumann, Erich

Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

Neumann, Erich

Origins and History of Consciousness

Neumann, Erich


Nichols, Sallie

Jung and Tarot - An Archetypal Journey

Nichols, Sally

Jung & Tarot

Noll, Richard

Jung Cult - Origins of a Charismatic Movement

O'Brien, Barbara

Operators and Things - Inner Life of a Schizophrenic

O'Connor, Peter

Understand Jung, Understand Yourself

O'Connor, Peter

Dreams and the Search for Meaning

Odajnyk, Volodymyr Walter

Jung and Politics - The Political and Social Ideas of C.G. Jung

Palmer, Martin et al

Fortune Teller's I Ching

Paris, Ginette

Pagan Meditations - Aphrodite, Hestia Artemis


The Prophecies of Paracelsus

Pearson, Carol S.

Hero Within - Six Architypes We Live By

Perera, Sylvia Brinton

Descent to the Goddess

Pirsig, Robert M.

Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance

Pluis, Bridget

Let Bridget Be Your Guide

Pollack, Robert

Missing Moment - How the Unconscious shapes Modern Science

Porter, Ray

Madness - The Faber Book

Praxis One


Pribram, Karl & Gill, Merton

Freud's "Project" Reassessed

Price, Ian

The Spirit of Life

Progoff, Ira

Practice of Process Meditation

Progoff, Ira

Image of an Oracle - Report on the mediumship of Eileen Garrett

Rabinow, Paul

Foucault Reader

Radin, Paul

Trickster - A study in American Indian Mythology

Reber, Arthur S.

Dictionary of Psychology (Penguin)

Reich, Peter

A Book of Dreams

Reich, Wilhelm

Character Analysis

Reich, William

Reich Speaks of Freud

Reich, William

Mass Psychology of Fascism

Reinstedt, Randall A.

Ghosts - Bandits & Legends of Old Monterey

Ribi, Alfred

Demons of the Inner World - Understanding our Hidden Complexes

Rick, Dr Gordon

Parkinsons Disease

Roberts, Richard

Tales for Jung Folk

Roberts, Yvonne

Mad About Women - Can there ever be fair play between the sexes?

Robertson, Robin

Beginner's Guide to Revelation - a Jungian Interpretation

Robertson, Robin

Jungian Archetypes - Jung, Godel, and the History of Archetypes

Rodman, Selden

New Anthology of Modern Poetry

Rogers, Carl

Encounter Groups

Rolfe, Eugene

Encounter with Jung

Roob, Alexander

Alchemy & Mysticism

Rosen, David

The Tao of Jung

Rowland, J

Clock Inside

Rowse, A.L.

Shakespears the Man

Rutherford, Jennifer

Gauch Intruder - Freud, Lacan and the White Australian Fantasy

Rutter M.D., Peter

Sex in the Forbidden Zone

Rutter, Michael

Maternal Deprivation Reassessed

Ryce-Menuhin, Joel

The Self in Early Childhood

Ryman, Daniele

Essential Oils for Health & Beauty

Samuels, Andrew

Jung and the Post-Jungians

Samuels, Andrew (ed)

The Father - Contemporary Jungian Perspectives

Samuels, Andrew

Political Psyche

Samuels, Andrew

Politics on the Couch

San Francisco Jung Institute

Sandplay Studies

San Francisco Jung Institute

Journal Vol.15 No. 1 1996

Salajan, Ioanna

Zen Comics

Sanford, John A.

Dreams - God's forgotten language

Sanford, John A.

Invisible Partners

Sanford, John A.

King Saul, the Tragic Hero - A Study in Individuation

Sanford, John A.

Strange Trial of Mr Hyde - a New Look at the Nature of Human Evil

Sardello, Robert

Facing the World with Soul - the Reimagination of Modern Life

Sardello, Robert

Love and the Soul - Creating a Future for Earth

Savary, Louis & Berne, Patricia H.

Dreams and Spiritual Growth

Schneider, Meir & Larkin, Maureen

Handbook of Self-Healing

Schoen, David

Divine Tempest - The Hurricane as a Psychic Phenomenon

Schultz, Duane

Intimate Friends, Dangerous Rivals - The Turbulent Relationship Between Freud and Jung

Segaller, Stephen & Berger, Merrill

Wisdom of the Dream

Senge, Peter

Fifth Discipline - Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation

Serrano, Miguel

C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse - a record of two friendships

Sharp, Daryl

Living Jung - The good and the better

Sharp, Daryl

Survival Papers - Applied Jungian Psychology

Sheehan MD, David

Anxiety Disease

Shorter, Bani

Image Darkly Forming - Women and Initiation

Signell PhD, Karen

Wisdom of the Heart

Simpson, John


Singer, June

Androgyny - Towards a New Theory of Sexuality

Singer, June

Unholy Bible: Blake, Jung and Collective Unconscious

Singer, June

Boundaries of the Soul - the Practice of Jung's Psychology

Sizemore, Chris & Pittillo, Elen

Eve ("The Three Faces Of ... ")

Skinner, B.F.

Beyond Freedom & Dignity

Skultans, Vieda

English Madness


King Oedipus

Sours MD, John

Starving to Death in a Sea of Objects

Spiegelman, J. Marvin Ph.D. (Ed)

Jungian Analysts: Their Visions and Vulnerabilities

Spiegelman, J. Marvin Ph.D.

Quest - Further adventures in the unconsciousness

Spignesi, Angelyn

Starving Women - A Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa

Spring Journal

Spring 56 - A Journal of Archetype and Culture

Stafford-Clark, David

What Freud Really Said

Starr, Cecie & McMillan, Beverly

Human Biology, Fifth Edition

Stein, Murray

In Midlife

Stein, Murray & Moore, Robert L.

Jung's Challenge to Contemporary Religion

Stein, Robert

In Midlife

Stein, Robert

Incest and Human Love

Stengel, Erwin

Suicide and Attempted Suicide

Stern, Paul J.

Haunted Prophet

Stevens, Anthony

On Jung

Stevens, Anthony

Roots of War - A Jungian Perspective

Stevens, Anthony

Jung (Past Masters series)

Stevens, Dr Bruce A.

Mirror, Mirror When self-love undermines your relationship

Stockton, Eugene

The Aboriginal Gift - Spirituality for a Nation

Stone, Irving

Passions of the Mind

Storr, Anthony

Human Aggression

Storr, Anthony

Churchill's Black Dog

Storr, Anthony


Storr, Anthony

Feet of Clay - a study of gurus

Suttie, Ian D.

Origins of Love and Hate

Suzuki, D.T.

Essays in Zen Buddhism

Swainson, Mary

Spirit of Counsel - The story of a Pioneer in Student Counselling

Taylor, Jeremy


Thompson, AK

Off the Shelf

Thornton, E.M.

Freudian Fallacy - an Alternative View of Freudian Theory

Trahan, M.

Focus on Psychology

Tuby, Molly (ed)

In the Wake of Jung - a Selection from Harvest

Tzu, Lao

The Way of Life

van der post, Laurens

Jung and the Story of Our Time

van Meurs, Jos

Jungian Literary Criticism

Veggeberg, Scott K.

Medication of the Mind

von Buttler, Johannes

Time Slip - Dreams: a Parallel Reality

von Franz, Marie-Louise


von Franz, Marie-Louise

Interpretation of Fairy Tales

von Franz, Marie-Louise

Puer Aeternus

von Franz, Marie-Louise

On Divination and Synchronicity - The Psychology of Meaningful Chance

von Franz, Marie-Louise

Creation Myths

von Franz, Marie-Louise


von Franz, Marie-Louise

Alchemical Active Imagination

von Franz, Marie-Louise & Hillman, James

Jung's Typology - Inferior Function and Feeling Function

Walker, Marbara G.

Feminist Fairy Tales

Wasien, Marcia Gabriele

Sacred Dance

Weaver, Rix

Spinning on a dream thread

Webb, Kaye

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Webster, Richard

Why Freud Was Wrong

Wehr, Demaris S.

Jung & Feminism

Wehr, Gerhard

Jung - a Biography

Wehr, Gerhard

Illustrated Biography of C.G. Jung

Weinrib, Estelle

Images of My Self

Weiten, Wayne

Psychology: Themes & Variations

West, Francis (Ed)

Myth & Mythology

Whelan, Maurice

In the Company of William Hazlitt - Thoughts for the 21st. Century

White, Victor

God and the Unconscious - An encounter between psychology and religion

Whitmont, Edward C.

sacred Dance

Whitmont, Edward C.

Return of the Goddess

Whyte, L.L.

Unconscious Before Freud

Wilber, Ken

Grace and Grit, Spirituality and healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber

Wilde, Oscar

Happy Prince and other stories

Wilhelm, Richard

I Ching or Book of Changes

Wilson, Colin

Access to Inner Worlds

Wilson, Colin

C.G. Jung - Lord of the Underworld

Wilson, Stephen

Sigmund Freud

Wing M.D., Lorna

Children Apart - Autistic children and their families

Wolff, Sula

Children Under Stress

Woodman, Marion

Addiction to Perfection

Woodman, Marion

Pregnant Virgin

Woodman, Marion & Bly, Robert

Facing the Shadow in Men and Women

Woodman, Marion & Dickson, Elinor

Dancing in the Flames

Wynd, Arno

Soul of the Matter - Soul and Meaning After Religion

Yancey, Philip

What's So Amazing About Grace?

Young-Eisendrath, Polly

Awakening and Insight - Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy

Young-Eisendrath, Polly

Cambridge Companion to Jung

Young-Eisendrath, Polly

Hags and Heroes - A Feminist Approach to Jungian Psychotherapy with Couples

Ziegler, Alfred

Archetypal Medicine

Zweig, Connie & Abrams, Jeremiah (Ed)

Meeting the Shadow - The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature




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Canberra Jung Society

is a non-profit organisation,
which aims to provide a contact for people interested in the psychological
insights of Carl Gustav Jung.

Through monthly meetings, workshops,
other activities and our library,
we seek to help people to understand their own inner journey
and the world today
from a Jungian perspective.