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(Some of the) AGS Events so far in 2012 

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Sun 19 Feb
“Our Favourite GS Formulations”
    We looked at people's favourite GS formulations -
    What they are in detail, when and how to apply them, and how they help.
    Led by David Hewson.
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Sun 11 March
How to Develop Your Thinking Ability”
    This time we considered Kenneth Keyes' book "How to Develop Your Thinking Ability",
    the context and applications of GS principles in Keyes' popularly successful publications.
    It applies GS formulations¬†to -
       * getting along with others,
       * having a happier marriage,
       * thinking effectively in business, and
       * causal problem solving.¬†
    Led by the inimitable Mr David Hewson.
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Sun 15 April
How to Feel Happier”
    We considered Alfred Korzybski's GS Happiness formulation
    and other ways to make ourselves happier, based on modern research.
    Again led by the very happy Mr David Hewson.
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Sat 27 May 2012
"Sanity - Unsanity - Insanity"
    Are we really "sane"?  What does Korzybski have to say about this "sanity spectrum"? 
    What is it like to descend into psychosis? 

    How can we use GS formulations to "drive ourselves sane"?

    Led by Mr Robert Jjames
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Sun 17 June 2012
" Viewpoints"
    The many types of viewpoint, and how they relate to GS formulations.
    How this formulation can be used to reduce disagreement etc.
    We viewed some of Milton's 2002 seminar on DVD.
    Led by Mr David Hewson
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Sat 14 July 2012
"General Semantics in Everyday Life"
    How to apply the principals we have learnt over the years,
    more consistently when dealing with
What Is Going On around us.
    Bring an example of how you have employed a GS principal,
    successfully or otherwise, in the past month.

    Led by Mrs Pauline Callahan.
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Sun 19 August 2012
    What are the main biases affecting our rational judgments and decisions
    and can we be educated out of them?

    Led by Professor gabriel Donleavy
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Sun 16 September 2012
"Managing Our Lives' Transitions"
    How do we manage the transitions between phases in our lives?
    How can GS principles assist in this?
    How do hidden assumptions direct our decision-making?
    Led by Mr Laurie Cox.
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Sat 20 October 2012
"Ethics and Decision Making"
   Ethics: Is this the only way to make decisions? 
   An introduction to Ed MacNeal's decision making atlas
   about the ways we make decisions.

   Led by Mr David Hewson
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