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17 March
"Reflections upon the Sixtieth Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture"
    "Fool me Twice: Fighting America's Assault on Science"
    by Shawn Lawrence Otto, and
    Weekend Symposium
    with various presenters.
    Led by Robert James.
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21 April
"Application of General Semantics"
Real-life situations requiring a realistic approach ...
An inter-active and challenging session.
    Led by David Hewson
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12 May
"Lateral and critical Thinking"
We explores lateral(creative) thinking,
and critical (rigorous and reflective reasoning) thinking.
    Led by Prof. Gabriel Donleavy
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16 June
"GS Around the Globe"
We considered the people and their activities
engaged in the study and practice of General Semantics
around the world.
    Led by Robert James
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14 July
"Applications of Creative and Critical thinking"
We worked at the problems of integrating and applying creative and critical thinking methods along with GS formulations to our lives - an interactive and challenging problem-based session.
  Led by David Hewson
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17 August
"Popularising General Semantics"
S.I. Hayakawa's book "Language in Thought and Action" was widely read and debated, but many believed that it did not properly depict the "true doctrine" of general semantics. Can we popularise GS without losing the essence and genius of Alfred Korzybski's groundwork?
   Led by Robert James.
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15 September
"Multiple-Topic Seminar!"
Today we had a delicious selection of short introductory topics:

GS and Semiotics
     Introducing semiotics
     and relating the two disciplines,
     showing how one can learn from both.

Improving our Lives' Transitions (part II)
     How can GS principles assist
     in managing the transitions in our lives?


     In memory of Gerard Nierenberg,
     we were to have had a brief introduction to his ideas about negotiating.

     From his books “Fundamentals of Negotiating”  and
     “The Art of Creative Thinking”.

Led by our most distinguished teacher:
Mr David Hewson.
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12 October
"All" our questions about how we bind time, were answered today!
The basic GS principles behind this formulation, practical and written exercises and more,
were explored.
Led by Pauline Callaghan
and a cast of thousands who went before her (from whom she is time-binding)!
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2 November
"Changing our Behaviour"
Learning better strategies for changing our behaviour, and keeping our changes on track.
88% of us fail in our New Year’s resolution for some behavioural change ... Why?
  1. We don't understand the change process.
  2. Our expectations about the time and effort required are incorrect.
This seminar was designed to give us some of the information we need to know,
to help develop our skills for changing behaviour -
how to become more successful with our New Year’s (and other) resolutions!

Presented by Mr David Hewson.
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