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Sunday 22 February
"Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress"
A presentation/discussion on applying GS principles to managing the stresses of everyday life.
Optionally we will have a brief introduction to general-semantics for any beginners. We will then look at the dangers of excessive stress, like comfort eating / drinking and hence weight gain, ill health, unhappiness, etc.
Presented by Mr David Hewson
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Sunday 29 March
"The Age of Enlightenment"
The "Age of Reason" ("The Enlightenment") in the 17th - 18th Century was a movement emphasising reason and scientific method, challenging ideas grounded in tradition, superstition and faith. Sounds familiar? We considered the historical context of Alfred Korzybski's work, and what is really "new" about it.
Presented by Mr Robert James
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Sunday 26 April
"Strategy and Tactics in Problem Solving"
(at Towradgi, near Wollongong!)
We looked at methods that go beyond critical and divergent thinking techniques in the development of innovative strategies to meet your personal or business goals. It was a day on problems solving where we aimed come up with robust solutions and plans using general-semantics. Strategy concerns translating your mission statement (main goals) into achievable milestones (subgoals) and tactics goes into more detail about the actions required. This is like the abstraction process in reverse.
Presented by Mr David Hewson
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Saturday 23 May
"Introduction to Communication and Thinking Skills"
(at Corrimal, near Wollongong!)
We learned about how to think, evaluate and communicate better,
and worked with formulations to help improve your learning effectiveness and happiness.

Presented by Mr David Hewson
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Sunday 21 June
"Count Alfred Korzybski, Dr Carl Jung and the Buddha come to Lunch!"

Korzybski Buddha Jung

A space-time-defying (hypothetical) trialogue,
when Gautama ("the Buddha"), Dr Carl Jung, and Count Alfred Korzybski joined us for lunch! Distinguished company indeed, but WE played a role!
Some timeless principles and challenging questions will be applied to contemporary issues.
(in preparation for a presentation to the Canberra Jung Soc on 7 August 2015, in Canberra)

Led by Robert
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Sunday 19 July
"Decision making and Ethics"
(at Bonnet Bay)
Revision of some familiar principles, and exploration of the ethical dimensins
of some general-semantics formulations.

Ed MacNeals Decision Making Master Atlas relating to Ethics,
and some applications of the decision making formulations.

Led by Mr David Hewson
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Sunday 16 August
"Application of GS Principles in our Quest for Great Health"
(at Bonnet Bay)
Something of interest to us all! It seems almost daily a scientific study comes out with information saying what we eat has a massive influence on our health.

A majority of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, di abetes etc can be linked to your diet, and the China Study emphasised similarities in diet of communities around the world who enjoyed a long and healthy life expectancy.

We discussed these issues, watched a video or three and talk about the most important foods to include in your diet every day that can lead you to feeling much better and improving your quality of life and life expectancy. We have other videos on weight control and improving ones brain, available for viewing and analysis from a GS perspective.

Location: Bonnet Bay (Sydney)
Led by the healthy and dynamic duo Pauline and David

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Sunday 25 October
"Skills for Effective Thinking"
(at Bonnet Bay)

We learnt how to get along better with others and reduce conflict, increase our happiness and become more successful in our life and business.

This seminar gave an introduction to basic general-semantics formulations that help you think and evaluate more effectively.

Led by Mr David Hewson
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Saturday 5 December
"After-Work Transition Planning"
(at Bonnet Bay)

"Baby Boomers" are eschewing the :R" word - redefining "retirement" (where work grinds to a halt), to create a proactive plan for the life you want to lead -not just work, but also a balance of family and relationships, health, recreation, mind, spirituality, interests and community.

Led by Mr Robert James
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