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(Some of the) AGS Events in 2020 

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Sunday 1st. March
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
"Bush Fires:
Causes and solutions from a GS perspective"

Presenter: David Hewson

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"The Exhilaration and Challenges
of Applying our Learning of General Semantics"

        We love to read the books, watch engaging presentations of great minds,
        nod wisely to things we agree with, and ignore those that we disagree with.
        But how does that move us forward and honour the tradition of time-binding?

Presenter: Robert James

"How to Lose Weight"

Presenter: David Hewson

"Dealing with Stress –
What if Our Life is NOT all Sunshine and Roses?”

        General Semantics cannot guarantee a life free from difficulty and stress.
        We will never be able to control all the people and circumstances around us!
        But we can do much to manage our responses to an imperfect world,
        and minimise the ravages of post traumatic stress disorder!

Presenter: Robert James


Presenter: David Hewson

"Baby Boomers in Popular Culture”

Do we sexagenarians/septuagenarians
think that it’s cool to use the expression “That’s cool”,
to show how trendy and with-it we are?
But that expression is already 50 years old!
How can we keep up with technology and dynamic culture,
and engage with our children and their children?
Are Korzybski’s extensional devices sufficient,
or do we need some new ones?

Presenter: Robert James



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