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(Some of the) AGS Events so far in 2023

Saturday 18th February 2023

"The Exhilaration of the Scientific Method"

Facilitator: Robert James

Our world is unpredictable and full of contradictions, and navigating its complexities while trying to make the best decisions is far from easy.

We took eight short lessons on how to unlock the clarity, empowerment, and joy of thinking and living a little more scientifically, to get the most out of life.

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Saturday 18th February 2023  10am - 1pm Sydney time

 "An Introduction to the Epistemological Profile of Bois et al"

Facilitator: Mr David Hewson

We looked at the first four stages of the profile, that discuss various levels of understanding of our knowledge about the world, i.e. epistemology.

First we reviewed some GS formulations to give context, to better understand the levels. Formulations like: expectations, stress, either/or, projection, identification, fact-inference confusion, logical fate, abstracting, etc.

We thought that it was important to cover this in relation to:
  * Follow-up on an introduction to Einstein’s relativity theory, as requested,
  * Issues raised by Jaison’s talk, e.g. “Are we living in a matrix like ‘The Matrix’ movie?”,
  * Epistemological levels give useful context to those topics.

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