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AGS maintains a library of books and other materials for the pleasure and edification of Members.  It is located in various locations, and added to as resources permit.  Some of us still like the printed media, to complement our on-line life!




"GS" Books

The Art of Awareness


J. Samuel Bois



Bridging Worlds
through General Semantics
Mary Morain Sydney
Classroom Exercises
in General Semantics
Mary Morain (Ed)
Canberra, Sydney
A Course in Advanced Squirrelly Semantics -
a Colouring Book for Some Adults
David Bourland
& Elizabeth Bourland
Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation: Korzybski, Non-Aristotelian Thinking ...
Ted Falconar
Dare to Enquire - Sanity and Survival for the 21st Century and Beyond
Bruce I. Kodish, PhD
Cba, Syd
Drive Yourself Sane - Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics
Susan Presby Kodish, PhD
& Bruce Kodish
Cba, Syd
Eniching Professional Skills
through General Semantics
Mary Morain (ed) Syd
From Thought to Action Antony Kidman Syd
General Semantics
and Contemporary Thomism
Margaret Gorman
General Semantics in Psychotherapy
Isabel Caro & Charlotte Schuchardt Read
Cba, Syd
A Guide to Rational Living Albert Ellis PhD  
In Thought and Action -
the Enigmatic Life of S.I. Hayakawa
Gerald W. Haslam
& Janice E. Haslam
Language Habits in Human Affairs Irving J. Lee Syd
Language in Thought and Action
S.L. Hayakawa
Language, Thought and Reality Benjamin Lee Whorf Syd
Levels of Knowing and Existence -
Studies in General Semantics
Harry L. Weinberg
Cba, Syd
Meaning in Language Stewart W. Holmes Syd
Media Maps and Myths
Gregg Hoffmann
Cba, Syd
Mapping the Media
A Media Literacy Guidebook by Gregg Hoffmann and Paul Johnston
Operational Philosophy
Anatol Rapoport (Pub by IGS)
People in Quandaries Wendell Johnson Syd
Science and Sanity
Alfred Korzybski's epic work
Searching for Unmediated Truth
Gregg Hoffmann
Self-Management in Difficult Situations
Laurie Cox 2000
Staying Rational in an Irrational World
Michael E. Bernard
Teaching General Semantics
Mary Morain (ed)
Thinking and Living Skills -
GS for Critical Thinking
Gregory Sawin
(Intro by Alvin Toffler)
Thinking Critically Kenneth G Johnston (Ed.) Syd
The Tyranny of Words Stuart Chase  
Words, Meanings and People
Dr Sanford I. Berman
Your Most Enchanted Listener Wendell Johnson Syd

ETC: A Review of General Semantics
An interdisciplinary quarterly published by the Institute of General Semantics
Cba, Syd
Inst. of General Semantics "Bulletins"
Published annually
by the Institute since 1950.
Cba, Syd

Other Media
Alfred Korzybski:
Intensive Seminar 1948-49
Five tape cassettes

General Books
Ages in Chaos I. Velikovsky Syd
Anxiety Antidote
How to Break the Fear Response
Dr. Robert Sharpe & David Lewis Syd
The Brain that Changes Itself Dr Norman Doidge, MD Cba, Syd
Kaiser Aluminium News
Conflict Resolution John W. Burton Syd
Cry of the Cat" plus "Critical Thinking" &
"Precise Communication"
Lyman J. Houfek
A Different Drum M. Scott Peck  
Full Catastrophe Living: Coping with Stress, pain and Illness using Mindfulness Meditation
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Games People Play Eric Bernard, MD Syd
Gung Ho!  Increase Productivity, Profits and Prosperity Ken Blanchard Syd
How the Mind Works Steven Pinker Syd
Inside the Brain: Revolutionary Discoveries of How the Mind Works
Ronald Kotulak
The Managerial Grid Blake and Morton Syd
Nine Chairs to the Moon R. Buckminster Fuller Syd
The Origin of Consciousness
in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
Julian Jaynes
Cba, Syd
The Power of Learning Ellen J Langer Syd
The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck Syd
The Science Show Robin Williams (ed) Syd
Seeds of Greatness Denis Waitley Syd
The Seven Tools of Total Quality Control - Analysis and Control of Variation John McConnell Syd
The Silent Language Edward T. Hall Syd
The Tenth Insight
- an Experiential Guide
James Redfield Syd
The Uncertainty Principle Robin Williams Syd
Understanding Each Other -
Improving Communication
through Effective Dialogue
Cathrina Bauby
What do You Say After You Say Hello? Eric Berne Syd
Whose Business Values?
Sally Stewart
& Gabriel Donleavy
Why Don't People Listen?
Hugh Mackay




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