Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr

Aslan interface line.

During the period immediately after the Aslan Border Wars (around 380 to 500), the Aslan discovered dust-spice, a novel spice which appealed to Aslan tastes, but which was available only in the Spinward Marches. When Aslan traders realised the Aslan Hierate would be a large market for dust-spice, Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr (literally "Tyeyo Dust-spice Importers") was established to import the novelty.

Since then, synthetic dust-spice has become available, and natural dust-spice is now a gourmet treat but no longer imported in great quantities. Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr instead seeks out and imports any novel novel or valuable trade goods along the route from Mora ( Mora / Spinward Marches 3124) to the Aslan capital of Kusyu ( Kilrai' / Dark Nebula 1919).

Home Port: Kusyu ( Kilrai' / Dark Nebula 1919).

Territory: Dark Nebula, Ealiyasiyw, Riftspan Reaches Trojan Reach, and the Spinward Marches sectors.

(BOOK-7: p9, 1109)

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