Tavonni World Views

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Tavonni is a developing, progressive colony set in the middle of the Spinward Marches. Different stages of its history can be found here.

Tavonni in Our Campaign

If you have arrived in 1105, here is what's happening IMTU.
  1. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Tavonni Write-Up
  2. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Cast of Characters
  3. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Caradoc LIC
  4. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Menelvagor Ltd
  5. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Military Forces of the Tavonni System
  6. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Current Caradoc Factors
  7. Tavonni: the Real Campaign - Traveller Aid Society (TAS) News Service
  8. Tavonni Down Starport Costs & Facilities (unformatted text file)

Tavonni in 1120

Here is the GURPS variant of Tavonni's history.

Tavonni in The New Era (1201)

If your date of arrival is 1201 or later, check out RICE Paper #SM-1520: Tavonni/Vilis.

We also have the following references available:

Images of Tavonni

Here are various images and maps of Tavonni:

Other Worlds

Now available for your perusal are the world profiles of a number of other star systems.


Here is RICE Paper #SM-0930: Flammarion/Sword Worlds, as seen by our TML Land-Grab correspondant, Michael Barry.


Here is RICE Paper #SM-2306: Shionthy/Regina, another offering from Michael Barry.

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