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(Some of the) AGS Events so far in 2022

Saturday 26th February 2022

"A General Semantics Approach to Coping with a Pandemic"

facilitated by Mr David Hewson

How well can GS provide formulations, that, if used,
can help us cope with unprecedented challenges?

We looked at how general semantics (GS) formulations could have helped manage and fight the pandemic. 

First half hour of the seminar was a catch-up and then an hour of reviewing useful formulations.

Finally we related past problems to a lack of GS use and how GS could have improved our response to the pandemic.

Homework: We spent a little time thinking how we could have run things better with GS.

Facilitated by Mr David Hewson

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Saturday 9th April 2022


Facilitated by Mr Brett McDonald

An interactive seminar where we looked at the GS formulations and the problems they help solve, and tried to rate which ones give the most value to solving problems of unsane evaluating.

We considered "novelty" as seen from an experimental perspective,
a bit of history and current research,
then linked it to semantic and juxta common place associations we are more familiar with -
habit, discrepancy, forgetfulness etc.

Yep PhD was around a theory that encompassed novelty reactions in neuro-psychophysiology.

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Saturday 11th June 2022


Facilitated by Mr Robert James

Alfred Korzybski thought that it was about time for the 'Manhood of Humanity', that World War I would be the "War to End all Wars" etc.

So we ask ourselves eg ...
  * Is general semantics a pacifist ideology?
  * Is it "true" that "All is fair in love and War"?
  * Can we be effective time-binders
     when "the other party" does not play by the same rules?
  * How can we use GS to assess the merits of fight or flight
     when all negotiations are exhausted?
  * Is it ever acceptable to engage in lethal combat when "we cannot walk away"? 
  * When should we "turn the other cheek" in the face of intolerable oppression?
  * What about in the school-yard, at work, with friends or lovers, or in your marriage / partnership?

"All" was explained (not) on Saturday 28th June from 10:00am (Sydney time)

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Saturday 30th July 2022
10am Sydney time 

"Ed MacNeal's 'Master Atlas of Decision Making' "

facilitated by David Hewson

Ed MacNeal’s Master Atlas of Decision Making extends the basic principles of general semantics … He pinpoints the generic advantages and disadvantages of different decision-making approaches.
Russell Joyner "ETC" Editor.

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... and our lovely Annual General Meeting!

30th July 2022

Attendance / Apologies / Annual Reports / Speeches, Election of Office-bearers ... etc ...

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Saturday 10th September 2022  10am-1pm Sydney Time

"Making Meaning through FaceBook, and the Googalisation of Everything"

facilitated by Jeanne James

Consider the impact of digitalization on society and democracy, and how technology like Google and social media shape the way we think, talk act act!

We were impressed by the presentation by University of Virginia Professor of Media Studies and the Law Siva Vaidhyanathan at the AKML 2021 lecture.

A cultural historian, media scholar, and lecturer, Professor Vaidhyanathan serves as  Director of the Center for Media and Citizenship.

  * shared some of his presentation,
  * worked on the interaction of his ideas with our familar general semantics formulations,
  * and saw how they apply to our personal, family and community life.

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Saturday 10th September 2022  10am-1pm Sydney Time

"Favs and Flaws of Simply Thinking Through GS Principles"

facilitated by Dr Brett MacDonald PhD.

We often use GS formulations-principles-devices in our lives,
sometimes without conscious thought.

Some of these are reinforced by success and  habit.
The applications of these GS formulations are explored
in terms of personal preferences and deeper aspects that are worth considering.

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Sunday 20th November 2022
8pm Sydney time, on line via Zoom 

Basic general semantics formulatons
in the format of an "Un-Trivia Quiz"!

Quiz Master: The enigmatic David Hewson

This was a seminar like Laurie Cox used to give, (i.e. on the basics) but with a "Trivia Quiz" format.

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Saturday 10th December 2022
8pm Sydney time, on line via Zoom 

Reflections on the year past,
Anticipations on the year ahead,
and "Perceptions of Reality"

Facilitator: Mr Jaison Tremain

We considered some material that seem to address interesting questions about perception and reality such as:

  * "Does colour exist in reality?”,
  * “Is the world a projection of my consciousness?”,
  * “Are we living in a matrix like ‘The Matrix’ movie?".

These questions are based on selections from Rudolf Steiner’s book ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’,
 which was first published in 1894.

We considered these (and other) questions from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s book,
and of course from a general semantics perspective.

Rudolf Steiner and the Matrix
  * The Matrix vs Reality Part 2

   Saturday 10th December 2022, 10am - 1pm Sydney time
   Friday 9th December 2022, 6pm - 9pm Ohio / New York time.

   On-line, by Zoom (Covid and 'flu safe!)

  Zero, Zilch - it's free!





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